The haunting at 17th street.


February 17th, 2013. The first day I was in the salon alone, I had sent everyone home and closed the salon. Before everyone had left, Kayla had told me she left the glass door to the steam room open so it could air out, and asked me to be careful not to run into it when I was walking through. I said, Of course. 


I was working all night to get the salon ready to open the next day, I started hearing foot steps like they where right inside the spa area. I put a screwdriver in my back pocket and as I left the back room to head to the medal gate, That was located at the back of the spa, I passed the open glass door, I noticed that my reflection did not match the glass. But I brushed it off. So as I headed to the base of the stairs, a LOUD KNOCK ON THE UPSTAIRS DOOR CAME. I went up to answer them and there was a homeless man in our entry and the yoga studio didn’t know what to do about it. So naturally I was already amped and told him he needed to LEAVE NOW!


I went back down stairs, and noticed it felt like I was walking under water. But again, I just felt like it must be, because we where underground. I finished with all the renovations I needed to do and began to take the "new" pictures for the website. As I began to snap the shots, and later reviewed them, I saw one had a shadow in it. Once we eliminated the possibility of it being another employee standing by me, I was a lone taking those images. We knew it was a ghost that was standing inside the hot tub at the far corner. (image is below).


The next day, the staff noticed people with only half a body walking around, and one outside just staring inside the salon.


Also every time I was down stairs doing nails in the nail space, something would rub my upper shoulder continuously, I tried not to say anything, and at first I thought it was a muscle spasm, until it would keep happening and it happened EVERYTIME I WAS IN THIS ONE SPACE.


February 21tst. 2013, We got a visit from an old man, that used to work at the mortuary, He began to tell us that where the spa and hot tubs where, it was the very place they did all the embalming. And where the offices are, is where the freezers where. He told us the upstairs rooms where for the viewing of the bodies, and the yoga space was where the church was and the ceremonies. The elevator was where they would stand the caskets straight up and bring them to the upper levels. I later that day went upstairs to the management offices and asked the manager, why she never told me this was a mortuary? She stated it wasn’t a big deal. She didn’t think it was important. REALLY!


March, Our fish tank in our spa area, had irregular water tempters and our fish where struggling at times for air etc. We couldn’t figure out what was happening. Someone said spirits like to surround themselves with water. Later in the month one of the fish died, she appeared to be choking and the other developed a tumor on its side.


April 6th.2013, I was being interviewed by a local magazine company, when he asked me, what did this used to be?.... At that moment I answered “it used to be a mortuary” the suddenly all the light bulbs blew up.


So.. lets visit the yoga space.... and why is that so important? Well according to one of our "spiritual cleaners" she stated it was absolutely the worst idea to have a yoga space in a place where there was so much death. That because yogies channel energy and push it to the ground, essentially they where pushing spirits and allowing portholes into the basement (spa) elevating the amount of spirits there. And because no one actually died there, they would come and go, but would stay because so many others where there. The spiritual cleanser, told me we had thousands of spirits, ghosts, entities there, some where so old they where unrecognizable, and some where watching there bodies being cut open and put back together again. There where three main spirits, a Man, a woman and a younger woman, and the man was angry and frightened the two woman.


When the spiritual advisor was cleansing our space, she told me the reason the spirits where always showing themselves to me, was because I had some much energy (light) and they where very drawn to.  I told her, I don't claim to be sensitive and I ignore them, and she again said they are probably wondering why you are not noticing them. So they are trying to get you to pay attention.


Months after we had left this space, I was still feeling like something was just not right with me. I hesitantly contacted woman for a personal cleaning. (again I was skeptical, but a client of mine, insisted I needed to do it. The woman that did the cleanse, said I had 4 spirits attached to me, all from the old space. And that they said they loved me and they knew they where the reason for all my problems. And they where sad to leave me.

-of course I didn't really believe her till, the next day some amazing things began to happen...... So its possible!

This space was not only toxic as far as the haunting, we also had a manager that managed the building and she was a very bitter woman. I had spoken to her about this space and all the problems it had. I especially questioned her about not telling us why she did not let us know before we moved in that is was haunted. She said it didn’t occur to her.  

We took pictures to see where a person would have to be standing, and its deep into the spa hot tub, no one would be standing there.