My Stalker


2002 lived off of 28th

  • Met Rudy, one month later I realized he was not mentally stable, he physically hit me and went back to my house and had all my dogs (4) and threatened to kill them if I didn’t come back.

  • Broke into my house through the dog door and came up stairs and raped me and strangled me almost killed me, he bit me and shook me to wake me after I passed out from it. Then he laid in bed with me after and made me stay. You can imagine how horrible that was.



  • I had my cousin living with me (Stephanie) lived on Skidmore

  • Rudy was peeking through my windows.

  • Broke into this house and let all my dogs out and robbed my house.


Rudy was the mount hood river rapist; I didn’t know this till after I was contacting the police.

Daily 2003-2004 he did SOMETHING to my house, car or salon.


  • Rudy daily harassed me, the first thing he did was put sugar in my gas tank, the next day tossed a rock and damaged the top of my truck. 

  • Broke my dogs leg twice. (Jessie)

  • Stole my dog Clyde and gave him away. (I am devastated) Got a call that Clyde was hit by a car and if I want to get him he gave me the address. When I got to him he was already paralyzed.

  • He through rocks at my house (I started to contact the police)

  • Every day I had to be escorted in and out of my house and salon

  • A private investigator was assigned to my case

  • Rudy was still stalking me and through a rock through my front window.

  • He would stand outside my house daily and watch me

  • Broke into my house and took every picture out of my house and one earring from all my jewelry.

2004 September Court issues me a stalking order against Rudy.